Creates realistic flight plans that can directly be used in flight simulation
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Fsbuild is a comprehensive IFR flight planner that allows you to create realistic flight plans that can directly be used in flight simulation.
Map view to graphically display created flight plan routings and available Navaids airways, SIDs and STARs.
Enhanced coded route interpreter, interpret various coded route/Flight Plan formats.
Flexible automatic route generation, can auto generate complete flight plans from scratch between DEP/DEST, as well was generate a route between two or more defined points.
Grapical SID/STAR display to assist in determining best SID/STAR route for direction of flight.
Airway, and Navaid Search in user specified Map areas for efficient route planning.
'Plan mode' feature allows use of the Map view for manually creating flight plans from scratch using Navaids, Airways, SIDS and STAR's.
Optional Step climb calculations for long range Flights.
20,000 ready to use flight plans included.
Easy access to flight plans stored on the websites for easy copy/paste directly into Fsbuild.
Import routes created with external Flight Planners/Flight Planning web sites.
Entire FAA Preferred IFR routes and Severe weather routes database included (can be easily updated by a download from FAA's web site).
Canada Preferred IFR routes database included.
DFS standard routes database included.
Support for insertion of daily, and static North Atlantic and Pacific Track routings into Flight Plans.
Exporting of flight plans to several FlightSim, and FlightSim add-on formats.

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  • Question: I would like to /know if FSBuild Flight Planer 2.3 or 2.3 can export a flight plan to a Boeing 737 PMDG 800/900 and 737 NG 600/700 for FSX and 2004. I already have v2.2.

    I don't think the software can export the flight plan to a specific airplane, but to other flight sim applications/games. According to the program's description, the software can export to several FlightSim, and FlightSim add-on formats. As you can see, there is no Boeing mentioned or actually any aircraft. The only way is to test it to see exactly. However, the official website doesn't appear to be available since it gives an error when it's accessed.

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